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    Fangroup Rules


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    Fangroup Rules

    Post  Admin on Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:48 am

    Ok, here's how become the owner of a fangroup, and some simple rules to make sure everyone is happy.

    • To become owner, just pm me, saying which fangroup you want to be the owner of, and if no-one is already owner, or they havent been active in the fangroup for 1 month, then you get the ownership.

    • You can make some rules specific to the fangroup.

    • You must treat the members of the group nicely, and fairly.

    • Owners can pm me, if a user, or member has been ignoring your rules consistently, and if I see a reason that they should be banned from the group, I will.

    • To become a member, you must ask the group owner, and respect whatever descision they make. If you feel you've been treated unfairly, then pm me.

    • You can be a member of as many fangroups as you like.

    • Owners can pm me if they want to ban you from the group, and if I see a reason that you deserve to be banned from the group, I will.

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